Friday, September 11, 2009

If you have Wordpress, Use WP Super Cache

I just did a quick experiment to validate my hunch, and it's true - WP Super Cache can cut your HTML load time in half in your WP deployment. Just check out the GrabPERF Measurement that backs this up.


  1. [...] This past week I made some changes to make the site faster. The first thing I did was to move the videos off to Vimeo instead of hosting them on our site. I did the same thing with our pictures, all our new albums are on Picasa. By moving all this heavy content off the blog, the size of the pages was reduced and thus the response time dropped. The last change was actually the one that made the biggest difference. I installed a WordPress plug-in called “WP Super Cache” which makes static files from the dynamically created WordPress pages. My colleague Stephen Pierzchala actually measured the performance difference when he switched to usi.... [...]

  2. Ya that is pretty cool you can test like that. Just stopped in to say I love wp-super-cache and I bet itj't even more than 50%;