Saturday, October 4, 2008

Peter Kim's discussion of Social Media Marketing and Scalability

If you are interested in the area of social media marketing, head over to Peter Kim's blog and check out Social Media Marketing's Scalability Problem. The post is excellent, and the comments are the kind of conversation that needs to be had in this area.

The best comments so far:

The interesting thing is that this post is nearly two months old. And without realizing it, that's about the time I started writing about conversation and community, branding v. reputation, and how the content-based advertising algorithms are failing the social media market.

I agree with the commenters and Peter Kim that there is a scalability problem when you are trying to have a conversation. that's why companies rely so much on branding. However, if you take the time to build a community, you don't have to scale your own conversation, as you will have the community willing to build your reputation.

Conversations and community happen around the reputation of brands, people, and products. And where there is a gap between the branding message and the reputation conversation, that's when the greatest problems arise.

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