Saturday, May 12, 2007

T-Mobile: Drop the Cheap Samsung T619

I actually upgraded my phone through T-Mobile about a month ago, and it was a mistake. I went with the Free upgrade (mistake number one) and chose the Samsung SGH-T619.

It's a piece of crap. I guess I should have known that when I chose the free upgrade.

My biggest complaint: it won't send text messages. That's right, one of the core features of any mobile phone, and this lousy hunk of plastic won't do it. Every time I try to send a message, the phone says it couldn't do it, retry?

So I send an email to the customer service at T-Mobile. Complete form letter reply.

I'm going to throw this lousy phone in a drawer, and likely pay the penalty to switch to Cingular/ATT Mobile.

I am finally fed up.

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  1. [...] and helpful T-Mobile tech support representatives, and guess what? The troublesome Samsung T619 I slammed a couple of weeks ago is now able to send and receive text [...]

  2. My son's phone has had trouble with the Texting also. I have been on the phone with the very helpful techs, who help get the phone to work then, but then a minute later, it continues with the problem. He also has trouble making phone calls. I believe I need to make another phone call to get a new phone.