Tuesday, March 27, 2007

GrabPERF Agent: Need More Locations

My side project, GrabPERF, is looking for a few good measurement locations.

Right now, there are only five measurement locations, two of which are in my basement, on my personal Internet connection. I am hoping, through this pledge drive, to find a number of additional locations. Areas desperately needed include:

  • East Coast, USA

  • West Coast, USA

  • Midwest, USA

  • UK

  • Asia-Pac

  • Southeast Asia

  • Australia / New Zealand

Yeah, I know. I am asking for the world. Can't hurt to try though.

Basic requirements are a Linux box with a static IP address. Additional requirements are documented here.

You can express your interest in hosting a measurement site by filling in the GrabPERF Contact Form or contacting me directly.

Thank you for your continuing support.

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